what’s the MySQL

The data relate to each other by nature, e.g., a product belonged to a product category and associated with multiple tags. Therefore, we use the term relational database.

what does SQL contain?

  • Data definition language includes statements that help you define the database and its objects, e.g., tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, etc.
  • Data manipulation language contains statements that allow you to update and query data.
  • Data control language allows you to grant the permissions to a user to access specific data in the database


Each game object is made up of various properties that can be viewed in the Inspector panel (Figure 7-9),which is typically found on the right side of the scene editor. These properties are known in Unity as components. Components can include meshes, which decide the shape of the object (if it even has one); colliders, which decide the object’s physical interactions with other objects; scripts, which dictate the object’s behavior; and many other things. By default, a game object only has one component:the transform component. This dictates where a game object is placed in the 3D world, along with its orientation and size. Other components can be added depending on what you want to achieve with the game object.


/ou/ o ow oa
/o/ au al aw
/er/ er ear ir or ur

/i/ ee ea ie ei
/a/ o a
/u/ oo ue
/Ʊ/ ould u oo
/Ə/ u ou o
/I/ i y

Stress vowel /verbel /nouns

when has two vowel ,we stress one of vowel and reduce another of vowel,
for example :symbol,we not say /sImb’ou’l/ but /sImbƏl/,stress the first vowel syllabel

which syllabel we should stress?

usunilly,we stress the first vowel when it is nouns,and we stress the second vowel when it is /recƏrd/ as nouns,/recOUd/as verb.

fist ,fully pronounce every vowel sounds.

s:when there is vowels fllow s,the s pronunce z

when ‘p’\’k’\’d’\’t’ before the consonent
DON NOt release the Stop with a consonent
hold the stop not release.

“T” bettween Two vowels t become the fast D
HOld the T before the ‘N'{Shane Never Lie,Dont Trust That }

tr pronunce like /ch/–try
dr pronunce like /jr/–draw

tu———/chew/ — Tuesday
du———/jew/ — graduated



if last letter is T and D,’ed’is a separate”waited” — ed,needed—–ed
if last letter is voiceless,’ed’ becomes a ‘T’”stopped —- t”,worked—t
if the last letter is voiced,’ed’become the ‘d’,like “robbed” — d

linking is not faster,linking is smooth to connect

constonent+ vowels,we should link it.

ex: where is,come out=co mout

if there is two common constonent,one of which is the biginning of the world ,other is endding of the world ,we should connect it.

ex ,he likes some====like sssssome,s usually be drage long when pronunce it

similiar constenont pronunce ,we should link

ex :b/p/g/k/d +b/p/g/k/t/d
We used to work crazy hours but these days i‘ve slowed down.
we use t wor crazy hours bu thes days i’ve slow down

see it——-see+juh_it(/oi/ai/Ɛi/) +yuh ex;carry on—carry+yuh +on
who is——-who+w+is(/u/ou) This is the only one i know about

Did he —Dide,h be concle(call him,ask him—-callm,askm)
he,him,her,them,his,the hand th will be concle

could have—-could’Əv
could not have—-couldn’Əv

Dropped syllabel

some vowel should cancle,some the vowel syllable dispperd

Silent K/T/b/l

which syllable shoulde be stress?

/ \
when the words is nouns,ninty percent of hundrens pronounce the first syllable stress(/).


verbs—ate –still be -ate
adj/nouns—–ate will be pronunce ate will be pronunce—et


when words end ‘eer’and ,we usually stress the surffix,ex:engineer


the syllable before ‘ic’should be stressed.

usually,the syllable will be transform when the words be change among the nouns/adj/verbs.

stress nouns than adjactive

break the whole sentence up into servel groups,


复合名词是用2个词表达一样事物。当遇到形容词 +名词时,我们重读第二个单词,重读名词。当 2个名词一起组成复合名词时,我们重读第一个单词。。。Haircut,Washmachine,Headache、

break it DOWN,