/ou/ o ow oa
/o/ au al aw
/er/ er ear ir or ur

/i/ ee ea ie ei
/a/ o a
/u/ oo ue
/Ʊ/ ould u oo
/Ə/ u ou o
/I/ i y

Stress vowel /verbel /nouns

when has two vowel ,we stress one of vowel and reduce another of vowel,
for example :symbol,we not say /sImb’ou’l/ but /sImbƏl/,stress the first vowel syllabel

which syllabel we should stress?

usunilly,we stress the first vowel when it is nouns,and we stress the second vowel when it is /recƏrd/ as nouns,/recOUd/as verb.

fist ,fully pronounce every vowel sounds.

s:when there is vowels fllow s,the s pronunce z

when ‘p’\’k’\’d’\’t’ before the consonent
DON NOt release the Stop with a consonent
hold the stop not release.

“T” bettween Two vowels t become the fast D
HOld the T before the ‘N'{Shane Never Lie,Dont Trust That }

tr pronunce like /ch/–try
dr pronunce like /jr/–draw

tu———/chew/ — Tuesday
du———/jew/ — graduated



if last letter is T and D,’ed’is a separate”waited” — ed,needed—–ed
if last letter is voiceless,’ed’ becomes a ‘T’”stopped —- t”,worked—t
if the last letter is voiced,’ed’become the ‘d’,like “robbed” — d

linking is not faster,linking is smooth to connect

constonent+ vowels,we should link it.

ex: where is,come out=co mout

if there is two common constonent,one of which is the biginning of the world ,other is endding of the world ,we should connect it.

ex ,he likes some====like sssssome,s usually be drage long when pronunce it

similiar constenont pronunce ,we should link

ex :b/p/g/k/d +b/p/g/k/t/d
We used to work crazy hours but these days i‘ve slowed down.
we use t wor crazy hours bu thes days i’ve slow down

see it——-see+juh_it(/oi/ai/Ɛi/) +yuh ex;carry on—carry+yuh +on
who is——-who+w+is(/u/ou) This is the only one i know about

Did he —Dide,h be concle(call him,ask him—-callm,askm)
he,him,her,them,his,the hand th will be concle

could have—-could’Əv
could not have—-couldn’Əv

Dropped syllabel

some vowel should cancle,some the vowel syllable dispperd

Silent K/T/b/l

which syllable shoulde be stress?

/ \
when the words is nouns,ninty percent of hundrens pronounce the first syllable stress(/).


verbs—ate –still be -ate
adj/nouns—–ate will be pronunce ate will be pronunce—et


when words end ‘eer’and ,we usually stress the surffix,ex:engineer


the syllable before ‘ic’should be stressed.

usually,the syllable will be transform when the words be change among the nouns/adj/verbs.

stress nouns than adjactive

break the whole sentence up into servel groups,


复合名词是用2个词表达一样事物。当遇到形容词 +名词时,我们重读第二个单词,重读名词。当 2个名词一起组成复合名词时,我们重读第一个单词。。。Haircut,Washmachine,Headache、

break it DOWN,